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Testimonials about Special Olympics

It is a very rewarding experience to be a coach, especially volunteering for Special Olympics. I am passionate about sports and fitness, and when I am working with these hard-working, motivated athletes, there is an unbreakable bond that forms between us. I love seeing them learn, grow, and excel.

Stephanie Thompson, Volunteer

Lieutenant, U.S. Navy Veteran

50-state marathon finisher

I enjoy volunteering for Special Olympics because I like to teach the athletes how to play the game and see them play the game and have fun doing it.

Caroline O’Neil, Volunteer

Grade 6

I like Special Olympics because I like being part of a community where everyone is made to feel comfortable and allowed to be themselves.

Taylor Hoxie, Athlete

10th Grade

As a volunteer, it has been inspirational to witness athletes that give their heart and soul for the love of the sport. It is rewarding to see the camaraderie and support amongst the team members.

Earl McKeen. Volunteer

Retired Businessman

The Young Athletes Program is really where it all begins! To see the progress that these athletes make is very rewarding.

Steve Coffman, Young Athletes Volunteer

Retired Adaptive P.E. Teacher

USMC Veteran

35 consecutive Boston Marathons

Special Olympics is the best. I love running track. I like the people that coach me because they make me feel special.

Eliza Richard, Athlete

9th Grade

Contact Megan Hoffman, AVP Development, with any questions, at:  

megan.hoffman@special or call her at 508-385-0986.

Remember all community funds raised support our local athletes.

Any dollar amount donated is greatly appreciated!